Volleyball Tournament

Antwerp Brilliant Games


Saturday, 2 November 2017


08:00 : Accreditation
08:30 - 13:00 : Round Robin
13:30 - 18:00 : Second Round Robin, Semi-finals & Finals



Sporthal Het Rooi
Berchemstadionstraat 73
2600 Antwerpen Berchem

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The men’s competition is divided into 4 levels :

  • Men’s A
  • Man’s B+, Men’s B-
  • Men’s C
Teams composed of players of mixed gender male/female are included in the men's categories

There is a maximum of 24 teams. The selection of the participating teams will be based according to the chronological enrolment and team’s city of origin (to ensure the diversity of the participating teams).

Each team will comprise of a minimum of six players. Each player can only play in one team. Any exception to this rule must be explicitly permitted by the Tournament Committee.

All teams are encouraged to wear a uniformed outfit.

The games will be played according to the rules of the FIVB (www.fivb.org) with the following exceptions: playing with a libero player is allowed. The libero is neither allowed to serve nor to jump to hit the ball over the net.

Before the start of each game, a coin will be flipped by the referee. The winner may choose either the team to start serving or the side of the court, but not both.

The organisers will not be responsible for the provision of volleyballs for warm-up. Warm ups on the court begin 10 minutes before the game. Games will begin strictly on time, as indicated by a time signal.

A team which is not present at the start of the game is considered to have lost the entire game with two loss sets of 20-0. After each game, both team captains and the referee will sign the completed score sheet.

Please remember: the competition is recreational.
Round Robin

The games are organised in such way that each team plays the same number of games in the pool play. After the pool play, the teams will be ranked using the results of all the games played.

Each game will consist of 2 sets played to 20 points or 20 minutes, whichever is earlier.


  • Once one team reaches 20 points with a 2 points gap, the game is over.
  • At the end of 20 minutes, even if the teams are tied in place, the game is over.

Games will begin strictly on time, as indicated by the time signal.

A maximum of 2 players may be replaced by each team per game. No time-outs will be allowed during the round robin.

Each game won will earn the team 2 points, a tie earns 1 point per team and each game lost earns the team 0 points.


The ranking of the teams is determined :

  • Firstly by the total points earned.
  • Secondly according the number of total points won during the games
  • Thirdly according the number of total points won by the opponents teams during the games, the lower the points the higher the team will be ranked.
  • If the teams are still tied, the decision will be taken by the tournament committee.

For semi finals and finals, each game will be played to ‘best of three’ sets. Each set will be played to 25 points (2 points difference), with no time limit. In the event of a 1-1 tie, the third will be played to 15 points. A maximum of 2 players may be replaced by each team per set.

In the quarter and semi-finals, 1 time out per set per team is allowed. In the finals, 2 time-outs per set per team are allowed.


Each team will need to referee a number of games.

Each game will need 4 people from the refereeing team to be present, to fulfil the following roles: one referee, two line men and one score keeper.

Referees should report at least 5 minutes before the official start time of each game to the Tournament Committee to receive the score sheet, a whistle, a ball point pen and an official tournament volleyball.

Referees must adhere strictly to the start signals.

After each game, the referee is to bring the completed and signed score sheet, the whistle, the ball point pen and the official tournament volleyball back to the tournament committee.


In case of any discussion, only the captain of a team is authorised to make a complaint to the organising committee. In the event of doubt the decision taken by the tournament committee is final. For changes and liability, please refer to our general terms and conditions.

Please remember: the competition is recreational.

Medals will be granted to the winner, the second and the third in every category. This will be done during dinner in The Wok Of Antwerp.

  • There will be a free lunch package from the organisation.
  • Sweets, fruit and water will be available at the help desk for free.
  • The games schedule will be provided at the registration.
  • We have a strict timeframe for the game schedules (round robin)! Please make sure everyone is present at the start of the games.
  • You must present your participant’s badge when entering the sports hall.
  • Tournament check-in is on Saturday morning at the tournament desk in the venue.

You are cordially invited to join us for the Brilliant Multisport Dinner Start the evening in a friendly atmosphere with the participants of Badminton, Bicycle Tour, Running, Swimming, Volleybal and Walking. A perfect start of your evening.
The diner consists of a large buffet of hot and cold starters, followed by a choice of Wok, Teppaniaki and Dim Sums ending in a wonderful selection of desserts. The drinks (waters, beer, wine) are included in the price.!

www.wokvanantwerpen.be, Carnotstraat 123, 2060 Antwerpen
Close to the Central Station and easily accesible by public transport

If you would like to join us for the tournament dinner, do not forget to add the option to your registration.
Partners and friends are more than welcome too! Please ask them to register on this website as supporter, than they can add the MultiSportsDinner to their registration.

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