We Belgians love good food. Our Squash, Tennis and Rugby teams are organising a tournament dinner. The other sports have joined efforts in a Multi Sport Dinner. The perfect moment to chat with the other players and share your latest achievements ;-)

Multi Sport dinner

Saturday, 03 November 2019
 20:00 - 22:30
 Wok van Antwerpen, Carnotstraat 123, 2060 Antwerpen


Squash, Tennis & Rugby Dinner

Saturday, 03 November 2019
After the Saturday competitions or medal honor ceremony
Rugby Dinner at the rugby venue
Squash Dinner at the squash venue Blauwe Regen
Tennis Dinner at the tennis venue Forest Hills

Visitors, friend, partners, husbands & wives are all cordially invited to attend as well! Please ask them to register on this website as a Supporter, than they can add the dinner to their registration.

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