Do you want to meet the organizers? Mingle with the locals?
Checking out who else is playing? Looking for a place to meet your host?

Join us at the meet and greet on Thursday or at the Grand Opening Night on Friday!

There is no accreditation during the Meet and Greet events. Tournament check-in is at your tournament venue.
Registered as visitor? No problem! You can collect your tickets at the very first event you have registered for (either dinner, party, brunch or city-tour)

Thursday Meet and Greet

Thursday, 02 November 2017
 19:00 - 22:00
 Maurice & Dietrich, Grote Markt 32

The tennis players start their tournament already on Thursday, and have a meet and greet on Thursday night. But everybody's welcome! This is the ideal way to get into the atmosphere of the tournament.


Friday Meet and Greet

Friday, 03 November 2017
 19:00 - 22:00
 Bonaparte, Grote Markt 21

One free drink for everyone!
We start the opening night with a meet and greet at Bonaparte. And is it getting too crowdy? We are conveniently located in the old city centre, very close to our other sponsor locations. Go ahead and pay them a visit too!


Friday Opening Night


Friday, 03 November 2017
 Bonaparte, Grote Markt 21

Do you want to sing your favourite song out loud? The Karaoke stage is yours!


Friday, 03 November 2017
 Maurice&Dietrich, Grote Markt 32

Do you prefer to leave the singing to professionals? Join the live music at Maurice&Dietrich


Friday, 03 November 2017
 Café DeLux, Melkmarkt 16

Want an easy place to chat and have a drink? If the weather permits, you can even sit outside.


Friday, 03 November 2017
 Barbette, Lijnwaadmarkt 6

Want some wine in style? Barbette has wine per glass and an optional small bite.

We advise to use public transport. Free car parking available at the quays (Sint Michielskaai).

We Belgians love good food. Our Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Volleyball and Water Polo are organising a tournament dinner. The perfect moment to chat with the other players and share your latest achievements ;-)

Saturday, 04 November 2017
After the Saturday competitions or medal honor ceremony
Badminton Dinner (20:00 - 22:30) Restaurant Bizanaat, Kleine Hondstraat 3, 2018 Antwerpen
Squash Dinner (20:00 - 22:30) Wok van Antwerpen, Carnotstraat 123, 2060 Antwerpen
Tennis Dinner: The tennis venue Forest Hills
Volley Dinner (20:00 - 22:30) Wok van Antwerpen, Carnotstraat 123, 2060 Antwerpen
Water Polo Dinner (19:30 - 22:30) Felixpakhuis, 
Oude Leeuwenrui 29, 2000 Antwerpen

Visitors, friend, partners, husbands & wives are all cordially invited to attend as well! Please ask them to register on this website as a visitor, than they can add the dinner to their registration.

Join our fabulous Brilliant Party! Because of the overwhelming success of the Antwerp Brilliant Games 2017, we have relocated the Brilliant Party to a bigger, bolder and more brilliant location.

The former Club Industria is located in the booming and upcoming neighbourhood of Antwerp: ‘Het Eilandje’. On your way to the party you may pass two new landmarks in the city of Antwerp: the MAS museum and the Harbour House, designed by Zaha Hadid.

All purchased Tickets are still valid for the new venue!

Saturday, 04 November 2017
22:00 - 05:00
AEC Event Center, Indiëstraat 10, 2000 Antwerpen

We advise to use public transport or a paid car park in the vicinity.

TIP: If you are not a sports participant, please register as a visitor.

Start your lazy Sunday with an extensive brunch in the company of all the other tournament participants. We welcome you with a glass of Cava or juice. Your brunch will be served as a buffet, that consists of:

  • multiple sort of breads, rolls and pastries
  • fresh fruits, fruitsalads and yoghurt
  • a selection of cold cuts and cheeses as well as sweet spreads
  • scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages
  • quiche
  • a selection of salads
  • coffee, tea, water and a selection of juices

Sunday, 05 November 2017
11:00 - 14:00
TRYP Hotel Antwerp, Plantin en Moretuslei 136, 2018 Antwerpen

If you are not a sports participant, please register as a visitor.

We advise to use public transport or street car parking in the vicinity (free on Sunday)

Our tour guide will take you through Zurenborg, Antwerp's famous Belle Epoque neighbourhood featuring a high concentration of townhouses in Art Nouveau and other eclectic fin-de-siècle styles.

Sunday, 05 November 2017
Start 13:00, End with free drink at around 15:00
Start at TRYP Hotel, Plantin Moretuslei 136, 2018 Antwerpen

If you are not a sports participant, please register as a visitor.

We advise to use public transport or street car parking space in the vicinity (free on Sunday).

The start of the tour is at the same hotel as the Brunch happening

Sunday, 05 November 2017
 Café Den Draak, Draakplaats 1, 2018 Antwerpen

All good things come to an end, and here it's time to say goodbye. The City Tour will end at this spot, and the tennis players will join us after their medal ceremony.
Come on, join us for a last drink at Den Draak!

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