Out for the Win

Antwerp Brilliant Games 2019


The Antwerp Brilliant Games are very proud to announce its collaboration with ‘Out for the Win’ for the 2019 edition.

Out for the Win is a Belgian organisation that strives for the acceptance of gay, lesbian, transgender, queer and intersexual people in the sports world. Another ambition is to empower young LGBTQ athletes to feel good in their own body.

'Being out' is not always obvious, especially not in the sports world. Out for the Win wants everybody to be ok with who they are. Mostly, gay athletes hide their sexual preference until they retire from top sport, which is very hard. It can even have an influence on the performances of these athletes during their active career.

OFTW’s website and social media channels function as a platform and encourage gay athletes to share their story. The testimonials on the website could help other athletes recognise themselves and find some strength into it. On the other hand, they help to inform third parties about gay, lesbian, trans and intersexuality in sports.

Antwerp Brilliant Games is fully supporting this initiative. We strongly believe there’s a perfect match with our mission: ‘Experience sports without boundaries’. We want to organise an inclusive sports tournament where everyone is welcome, regardless from age, sex, gender or sexuality.

You too can support Out for the Win by purchasing the unique ‘Antwerp Brilliant Games’ sport shirt. A large part of the profit will be gifted to Out for the Win.

They will use the money to organise workshops in different sport clubs around the country. The purpose of these workshops is to inform about the importance LGBT-inclusivity and to share tips on how to integrate this in the daily life of a sport club.

Out of the Win will of course be present during the Antwerp Brilliant Games. They will report live about the different sport competitions by doing what they do best: storytelling by video clips, pictures and stories.

Make sure to keep an eye on our different social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) to stay in touch about this amazing collaboration.

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Antwerp Brilliant Games visuals by Geert Renders and Thomas Hauwaert