Enjoy a memorable extended weekend full of sports and fun.

Active Company, the Antwerp based LGBTq sports association, is proud to welcome you at the 2nd edition of the Antwerp Brilliant Games.

Our volunteers have been working for months to make your experience “Brilliant” again. Together we thrive to give you a multisport tournament that supports diversity and inclusivity. We are a strong believer in sport without boundaries. Therefor we are actively supporting Out for the win

The Antwerp Brilliant Games 2019 offer competitions in 5 sports, 4 non-competitive sport events and a broad variety of social events, open to everyone.

Whether you are coming to win or to play, to give it all on the court or the dance floor, to discover the beauties of Antwerp or to come back to its delights, we are looking forward to meeting you for 4 days of sports, fun and happiness !

Koen De Deyne
Antwerp Brilliant Games 2019

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Antwerp Brilliant Games visuals by Geert Renders and Thomas Hauwaert